Class of 1960

Class of 1960

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ralph Groener

I look forward to the class of 60 get together. I wish that I could have been of assistance to the committee, but I work in Salem, & am constantly on the road, visiting my locals from Medford to Pendleton, including evenings & weekends. I hope to retire in about three years.
I currently serve as the political coordinator for Oregon AFSCME (American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees). My union represents most city, county, & special district employees in Oregon. We also represent most correction officers in the state. OHSU is my largest local, with over five thousand members, & Multnomah County is my second largest local. I am currently extremely busy because I staff the interviews of all legislative candidates by my members throughout Oregon.
After high school I went into the Air Force, stationed for four years in Denver, Colorado. I then used the wonderful GI Bill to graduate from the University of Oregon,& completed my graduate work at Portland State. I worked for several years as a community organizer for the Office of the war on poverty. I then ran for the Oregon Legislature , winning, & served for four years. I then ran for County Commissioner for Clackamas County & won. I served as commissioner for eight years. I then went into business for myself for six years.. I was also on the original Clackamas Community College board of directors for fourteen years. I was offered the job of political coordinator for Oregon Afscme over twenty years ago,& I am still here. I am one of those fortunate individuals who loves their work, & see no reason to retire. My wife, Sharon & I have been married for forty-five years. We reside in our home in Oregon City, Have a son & a daughter & one beautiful granddaughter. I still love sports & have always helped raise funds for various programs. I usually am an auctioneer for these groups. Thank you, & the committee for all your efforts! Looking forward to seeing you & our classmates this summer. Your friend & classmate, Ralph

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