Class of 1960

Class of 1960

Monday, May 31, 2010

Linda Kilmer Towe

After high school, I graduated from Trinity Lutheran College in Seattle. There I met my husband, and we moved to the Los Angeles area while he finished school, living in Hollywood, Redondo Beach, and Glendale. Then we moved back to the Seattle area, and have lived in Lakewood, WA for 35 years. We’ve been married for 47 years, have 3 children, and 3 grandchildren.
Early in my career I worked at public libraries in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and Tacoma. In 2002 I retired from Washington Education Association, the state teacher’s union.
I’m looking forward to seeing you at the 50th reunion this summer, and if you can’t be there, we will be thinking about you!
Linda Kilmer Towe

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Judy Dethlefs McQuowen

Soon after graduation, I married the love of my life, (yes, the bus driver) and 13 months later we started our family. We had 3 of the most gorgeous daughters on the face of this planet. Of course I am speaking from a mom's point of view.

I went to school for training in the travel business. We love travel and have gone on some exciting adventures. I decided my top priority was raising our daughters, but as soon as they were safely in high school I was asked by a friend to work as a secretary in a local real estate office. U actually worked for 3 offices and really enjoyed being the only person in charge. Writing ads for newspapers, keeping the documents and the files ready was hard work but something I discovered I was good at.

When my husband retired, we sold our house and moved to Whidbey Island. We just love it up there and w bought a cute house over looking the bay right at Deception Pass Bridge. During the short 2 years we were there, my husband had gone through two surgeries then was found to have cancer, which meant a third surgery with lots of complications. Not knowing his outcome, we decided to put our home on the market and move back to Oregon to be closer to family "just in case". We were lucky, he is now cancer free and doing well, but he has had 2 further surgeries since moving back here.

We are planning on moving even closer to family, perhaps this next summer. In the mean time, we are preparing a nice vacation to celebrate our milestone 50 years of marriage, which not only gave us the 3 daughters, but 8 grand children and 3 great grand children (so far).

My Passion in life, after family of course, is "playing" in the kitchen. I have been known to spend 12 hours at a stretch in there, and use any excuse I can think of, and have even "invented" and "Aunt & Uncle Appreciation Day" jus so I could have a dinner for them all. I am obsessed with cooking and baking, you only have to see my husband to realize that is true.

My wish for all of you is much love, luck, success and happiness in the future. I am sorry I wasn't able to join you for this celebration.

Judy Dethlefs McQuowen.

Jack Kurrle

Graduated from Portland State 1964

Married Kathleen 1969

Worked in accounting and finance in Wood Product/Pulp and Paper Industry

Retired as Financial controller in 1999

Wife died in 2001

Retired life of travel, golf, gardening and time with with Black Labrador.

Jack Kurrle

John May

I am a semi-retired general contractor.

My wife Judy and I have been married since 1971. We have three children(Jack, George, and Kellie) now in their thirties. Two are married and one is engaged. All living in Portland.

We Have a one month old granddaughter, Annabelle.(Finally!)

We built a house in the St. Helens area about six years ago and enjoy life in the country.

I served four years in the Coast Guard shortly after high school.

After that I attended Multnomah Junior College and graduated from PSU in 1970 with a degree in graphic design.

But I eventually realized that wasn't my calling so I entered the carpenter appreniceship program in 1973 and have worked in the trade since then, starting my own contracting company in 1985.

John May

Friday, May 28, 2010

Neila Fitzjohn Elbon

Since graduating from WLHS I married, had a son, divorced 4 years after marriage. Then met my present husband in May 1966, married in October 1966. Have 2 children by him. Worked at Citizen Bank of Oregon in Lake Oswego till I became pregnant with first child. My son, Kevin, was born in 1962 & lived for 24 years. He was born mentally retarded and at 19 yrs got epilepsy. He seized in bathtub and drowned.
Lowell & I had a son in 1968 and a daughter in 1970. Our son lives in Lafayette, OR and has a daughter (soon to be 17), and son (18) who will graduate from high school in June this year. Our daughter has a son, (10) and a daughter (8) and they live in Portland/Gresham area.
After leaving Citizen's Bank, I was housewife foe 3 years till divorce, then I worked for a bank in Portland untill getting pregnant with son #2. Quit working out of home and became full-time mom. In 1980 I became a secretary at Multnomah Education Service District. I worked there for 22 years at which time i was getting pretty crippled up, and felt I needed to retire.
In 1976 I had my first (March) & second (September) hip replacements. Since the doctor I had messed me up by removing too much bone, I've ended up having a total of 7 hip replacements and 2 reconstructions, bilaterally. My last hip replacement was in 2000. In 2008 I had my left knee replaced because of torn meniscus which ultimatly left me after several years with bone on bone--PAIN.
In May 2010, I had to have my right shoulder replaced and am recovering nicely from that. Eventually I will need my left shoulder replaced also, but am hoping that will wait for at least a year.
After my husband & I retired, we lived in our motor home for about a year and after coming to Tucson, AZ we fell in love with the warm weather & sunshine so bought a home in a mobil home park and will stay here forever. At least at this point. The dry air is much better for my old body than the dampness & temps of Oregon. Neila's phone number is (503-341-1255) please feel free to call.
Neila (Fitzjohn) Elbon

Neila Elbon

Jerry Shrives

I spent 37 years in the maritime industry, mostly tug and barge, and did some consulting for Home Land Security after I retired in 2005.

I have four children (3 daughters and 1 son), 3 grandsons, 4 step- grandsons, and 1 step-granddaughter.

I have spent my retirement "playing with cars". (Some of us never grow up.) We "play" with a 1962 Corvette, 1966 customized Chevy truck, and a 1971 Chevelle.

We live in Oregon City and have a pretty quiet life except when we have our monthly family dinners.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Martha (Marti) Lane

Here is a little bit about my last 50 years. :)

When I went to college -- Whitworth University, in Spokane -- I got my nickname, Marti. That's what most people call me now.
I loved college, especially sports, but still did not know for sure what I should do, career-wise.

After college, I worked for Goodwill Industries for a year, in Public Relations. Then I went to grad school at Northwestern University and got an MS in magazine journalism. I really enjoyed magazine writing, which I did for 7 years in Illinois. One article I wrote was about illiteracy -- people not being able to read and write. Well, that article convinced me that I was called to work in the field of adult literacy, which I have been doing ever since. I worked for Lutherans, Methodists, and many libraries, especially in California.

In about 1980, I started working with computers and eventualy got a Master's degree in Computer-Based Learning & Training from Nova University in FL. I love computers!

I stopped working fulltime a couple of years ago, but continue writing lessons for adults learning English as a new language for the Pinellas County, FL schools. If you're curious, you can see some of my work at

I've had some wonderful vacations with wonderful friends, especially hiking and canoeing trips. One of my favorites was hiking to the top of Mt. Whitney to celebrate my 40th birthday. Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back was pretty awesome, too.

My literacy work has taken me to live and work in many states and countries. Now I live in North Carolina, just 4 miles from Tennessee and about 10 miles from Georgia. I'm finally back in a rural area and have never been happier (really got tired of city living). I especially love gardening and taking care of a 9-acre forest. I thank God that I have been able to live so long and do so many things. But I'm not done, yet! God willing, I'd like to live to be at least 114.

I am REALLY looking forward to coming to the reunion!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dorothy (Dottie) Larsen

I have been a nurse all of my adult life. I went into nurses training then attending college a few years after I graduated from West Linn. I retired from Providence hospital after completing a mission I felt I was born to do. I also attended Patricia Lee Modeling School. Also after graduation I worked as a model for many high end stores & did newspaper advertizing. Modeling helped pay my tuition to school. I also sang in piano bars, clubs, in church worship teams, weddings & other events.
I continue to live in the same lovely home here in Portland for years. My daughter (now 39) grew up here and now my legally adopted son Lucas is living here. I feel I am very blessed to have the privilege to raise him as my own. It has been just he & I and to say the least, we have a wonderful life together.

I keep very busy being PTA mom and a health screening nurse for his school. I help chair & organize various fundraisers and hospitality committees which are just a part of my day and at 68..needless to say I sleep very good at night.
My two sisters Janet & Carole, my brother Don all graduated from West Linn as I did. We are all two years apart as mom & dad planned it that way. I feel that attitude & positive thinking, having God in our lives & doing for others is the key to happiness. I am truly blessed to have so many friends & family who I am very close to daily. Raising Lucas alone my support system never runs out. There have been some bumpy spots in the road in my life but because of the strong Norwegian I am, I have always picked myself right back up & gone forward.
I am a certified oncology nurse. I believe that those 11 years I worked on the cancer floor at Providence was one of my greatest joys. As it was not just a "job" taking care of the very sick patients, it was a mission. Those patients taught me so much about life & their cancer. It was an honor to care for them, which made me so much stronger, humble & appreciate every breath. I continue to have my nursing license. I plan to go back to work a few days a month just because I enjoy what I do.
Spearheading & being on our 50th reunion planning committee has been a very good experience. We have a great group of classmates who have done a terrific job. We have had a lot of laughs & "pot luck" brunches @ Scott Wartena rec room that we have all enjoyed.
I still work out @ a local club, I walk almost every day. Gardening is one of my greatest joys, having been raised on a large farm before we moved to Gladstone in 1956 taught me so much about the earth, animals, growing fruit & vegetables & a wonderful farm life.
My Lucas & I grow a great garden here on our property & help feed anyone who needs some good wholesome food. We so enjoy watching the vegetables grow & surprising the neighbors & others with fresh food. The experience is very good for Lucas.
I am looking forward to seeing, visiting & getting to know my classmates in August. This will be truly wonderful 50th reunion event.
Dorothy A. Larsen (Dottie)