Class of 1960

Class of 1960

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dorothy (Dottie) Larsen

I have been a nurse all of my adult life. I went into nurses training then attending college a few years after I graduated from West Linn. I retired from Providence hospital after completing a mission I felt I was born to do. I also attended Patricia Lee Modeling School. Also after graduation I worked as a model for many high end stores & did newspaper advertizing. Modeling helped pay my tuition to school. I also sang in piano bars, clubs, in church worship teams, weddings & other events.
I continue to live in the same lovely home here in Portland for years. My daughter (now 39) grew up here and now my legally adopted son Lucas is living here. I feel I am very blessed to have the privilege to raise him as my own. It has been just he & I and to say the least, we have a wonderful life together.

I keep very busy being PTA mom and a health screening nurse for his school. I help chair & organize various fundraisers and hospitality committees which are just a part of my day and at 68..needless to say I sleep very good at night.
My two sisters Janet & Carole, my brother Don all graduated from West Linn as I did. We are all two years apart as mom & dad planned it that way. I feel that attitude & positive thinking, having God in our lives & doing for others is the key to happiness. I am truly blessed to have so many friends & family who I am very close to daily. Raising Lucas alone my support system never runs out. There have been some bumpy spots in the road in my life but because of the strong Norwegian I am, I have always picked myself right back up & gone forward.
I am a certified oncology nurse. I believe that those 11 years I worked on the cancer floor at Providence was one of my greatest joys. As it was not just a "job" taking care of the very sick patients, it was a mission. Those patients taught me so much about life & their cancer. It was an honor to care for them, which made me so much stronger, humble & appreciate every breath. I continue to have my nursing license. I plan to go back to work a few days a month just because I enjoy what I do.
Spearheading & being on our 50th reunion planning committee has been a very good experience. We have a great group of classmates who have done a terrific job. We have had a lot of laughs & "pot luck" brunches @ Scott Wartena rec room that we have all enjoyed.
I still work out @ a local club, I walk almost every day. Gardening is one of my greatest joys, having been raised on a large farm before we moved to Gladstone in 1956 taught me so much about the earth, animals, growing fruit & vegetables & a wonderful farm life.
My Lucas & I grow a great garden here on our property & help feed anyone who needs some good wholesome food. We so enjoy watching the vegetables grow & surprising the neighbors & others with fresh food. The experience is very good for Lucas.
I am looking forward to seeing, visiting & getting to know my classmates in August. This will be truly wonderful 50th reunion event.
Dorothy A. Larsen (Dottie)

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