Class of 1960

Class of 1960

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Barbara Cummings-Giles

Barbara Cummings Giles

Stats: Married 44 years to Jim Giles, class of '56. Two children, Jeff and Michelle. Both married, we have four grandchildren: our first grandgirl, seven years, set of twin girls four years and a baby boy to carry on the "Giles" name.
Left College in my junior year to come to the "Golden State". Began my career in the San Francisco Bay Area at Stanford University in the Internal Audit Office. Left to begin a family and stayed home for their "formative" years. Taught art to elementary students in a grant program and then as a volunteer for the afterschool programs.
Moved to Southern California and took a position as assistant to the president of four art galleries in the broader Los Angeles area. That is my true passion. After the president moved to the east coast, I began a career in the local real estate market. My "coup" was a property I sold to a member of Motley Crue, and my son still thinks I'm cool.
Personally, we have been very lucky to take advantage of traveling to wonderful places in the world. And, to marvel at the growth of our wonderful grandchildren. I look upon our high school years as a time of America at its best.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crover-Reed, Barbara

I’m married to Glen Reed, Oregon City class of 1956, and no he didn’t steal the Lion. We’ve been married for 32 years. Between us we have five children. One son and four daughters, ten grandkids, and three greats. What fun.

We live in Redland on the property Glen moved to in 1947 with his folks. We really enjoy being country folk.

I enjoy reading, antiquing, and collecting. We like to camp and ride motorcycles. Mostly Glen rides but occasionally I go along for the ride.

We go to church in Gladstone ( Gladstone Christian) where I have attended since 1954 or so. It plays a big part in my life. I grew in the church there as well as my kids.

I’ve worked at various jobs over the years and retired twice. From the old West Linn Inn as a waitress to a machine operator for P&C Tool, a vet assistant to managing the OC Christian Supply. I retired from there then several years later my sister talked me into working for her and her husband in there garage door business. I retired from there in 1999 and now I am just tired. We do enjoy the retired life.

One of my fun trips was to Korea and Thailand with Brenda Yeaple Laughterbach. We were visiting my daughter and family. While in Korea we visited the DMZ. What an interesting and very sobering place. While in Thailand we went on a Safari. We got to ride an elephant, paddle canoes down a river, visited the worlds largest jewelry store. What an experience that trip was. I really enjoyed visiting different countries and soaking up such diverse cultures.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Barbara Crover Reed

Steve Immer

Hi, West Linn High School alumni! Steve Immer here, with a quick bio over the last 50 years since we finished our high school life in June 1960. I graduated from Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA in 1964 with a B.A. degree. I also began an on-going interest in outdoor adventures,starting with mountain climbing in the Cascades, including reaching the summits of Rainier, Hood (twice) and St. Helens (it was taller then). Next was a stint in the Coast Guard Reserve (with Bob Keeney, interestingly enough) to get my military obligation out of the way. I then attended the University of Oregon for two years, getting a Master’s Degree (M.A.) in History in 1968. I then taught history for three years in the south, in predominately African-American colleges in North Carolina and Mississippi. I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1972, where I worked for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for six years, picking up a Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. along the way. I then moved to Denver, CO, in 1978, taking an assignment with the U.S. Department of Housing and urban Development (HUD), where I worked until 1981. At that time I had a classic, textbook mid-life crisis, the details of which I will not bore you for even a second. At the age of 40 my life basically came crashing down, with my career, my relationships and my identity all seriously in question, if not total disarray. It seems like guys in that position only have two locales from which to choose to work through all this: the mountains or the beach. Since I like to ski, I chose Breckenridge, CO. I then started a new career, this time in real estate, working as the general manager for a property and vacation rental management company for 12 years. My partner and I then sold our business for a ridiculous profit in 1996, and I have been a semi-retired ski bum in Breckenridge ever since.

OK, so much for the standard job-oriented personal history. The more interesting stuff is my own private journey, the zigs and zags of love, adventure and even occasional insights of wisdom that one picks up over time. For openers, I have stayed single all these years. I like freedom. Plus, I watched most of my West Linn High School classmates (all of whom had much more developed social skills than me) fall in love, get married and eventually end up in divorce court. The astronomical divorce rate of the WLHS class of ’60 was an excellent role model for me on how NOT to do things relationship-wise. I instead put my non-business energies into more fun things like health, fitness, music, skiing and travel. Example: I attended the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Whistler, B.C. as a Volunteer Ski Jumping Distance Judge, where I got to hang out with classmates Carol McCarty Greenough and Denny Latham, a Volunteer at the Alpine Skiing events. At the age of 67 I can say with all sincerity that I have had a lot of fun with my bachelor lifestyle, and I look forward to many more years of spontaneous, free-wheeling experiences. I’ll see all of you in mid-August, so be sure to say hi so that we can all get caught up in each other’s experiences perceptions and wisdom over the past fifty years. See ya soon!!

Doug Mock

Doug Mock
When I left Oregon I moved to Nevada. I lived there for about four years.
From there I moved to Mexico and was there for six years. Then back to
Portland. I currently live in Long Creek, Oregon, not far from John Day.
I have four children. Three sons and one daughter and I have eight grandkids

Monday, August 16, 2010

Anderson-Barham, Jane & Barham, Ken

Anderson-Barham, Janie & Barham, Ken

Married almost 48 years

Had 3 daughters and they have had combined 4 grand children all living close.

Janie worked for Kaiser for a while after school until Ken and her married and quit to take are of the family.

Ken worked for Boeing 37 years prior to retirement.

Ken hunted for many years.

Both are now retired and enjoying it a great deal.

Ken is still working on older classic cars

Both are looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Gewecke-Hamilton, Kay

Boise, Idaho
August 1, 2010

To the Class of 1960,

Unfortunately our grand niece in Seattle announced 2 years ago that August 21, 2010 would be her wedding day and we were to be there. So that means that I will not be able to attend the gathering and celebration of our 50 Golden years away from good old West Linn High. In glancing at the responses of those who have responded with information on the blog, I believe it will be an interesting time; although I am not sure just how many folks I would actually recognize. Other than Linda Bancke and Mary Forsberg Latulippe, I have really not kept in touch with classmates. I think it would be interesting to hear what everyone had done these past 5 decades.

Upon graduating from West Linn High I trundled off to Cottey College in Nevada, Mo. Cottey is a 2 year women’s college owned by the PEO sisterhood. I received my Associate of Arts from there and then went on to Washburn University in Topeka, Ds. Where I received my BA in Political Science and History with a minor in Secondary Education. I enjoyed my 4 years in the mid west & the opportunity to become acquainted with a totally different environment from Oregon. Cottey provided me not only with an education but helped build my self confidence and leadership skills and friendships with women around the world.

Upon receiving my BA and teaching credential I ended up as the only female faculty member in the very small ranching community of Bruneau, Idaho @ their High School. Bruneau is located in the SW corner of Idaho & the high school has since been consolidated with the Grand View High School and is called Rimrock. My husband, Bob Hamilton, was introduced to me by his sister who was married to a local rancher. Bob was with Mountain Bell telephone Company & upon our marriage we moved to Caldwell, Idaho where I taught first in the junior high and then at the Marsing Job Corp Center,

After the birth of our first son, John, in 1969 I quit working outside the home & remained home with John and his brother Jason who was born in 1971 and 1976. In 1953 23 moved to Boise and I dabbled in politics, first as committee woman and then as a candidate for the State Senate on the Democratic ticket. Idaho is the second most Republican state in the USA, so needless to say, I was not elected. However, I was appointed to the Idaho Human Rights Commission for a three year term which was followed by a six year term on the Idaho Women’s Commission.

I returned to school @ Boise State University in ’78 for a master’s degree in Public Administration. Simultaneous to my return to school I began a part time position with the El Ada Community Action Agency developing a program with the courts using misdemeanor defendants for community service in lieu of jail or fines, From that association with the courts I was appointed as a no attorney Magistrate Judge for the State of Idaho. Upon taking the bench I was required to successfully complete an extensive education program to retain the position, along with courses from the National Judicial College in Reno, NV.

Idaho Magistrates stand for election every 4 years on a retention ballot and I was fortunate enough to receive 75% or more yes responses each election until my retirement. It was an interesting, and rewarding career. I found that being a woman in a position of authority could be very challenging. If I made a decision that was not popular it was because I was a bitch & I received a great deal of criticism…when a male colleague made a similar decision he was lauded and praised for being assertive. So as my case load expanded and attorneys began to look for jogs it became apparent that an early retirement was a good choice.

Along with being a wife, Mom and judge I have also remained active in our community & church. I have served as a Presbyterian elder & deacon, youth fellow ship leader, Sunday school teacher, etc, etc. I continue to be active in the Boise Soroptimist, as a volunteer for the Visitor’s Center, as a leader in my PEO chapter, and have been able to resume an active interest in local government and politics.

Our son John is a successful choral director currently in Los Angeles at the Hamilton Music Academy. His choirs have been very successful in Jazz competitions and chosen to perform for the National Association of Choral Directors. A couple of years ago he was asked and directed the Oregon High School Jazz Honor Choir. He has also been an adjudicator at the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival. Our son Jason is a Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard. Although the Coast Guard sent him through law school at the University of Washington his current assignment is as the XO on an ice breaker the Polar Sea & he is stationed out of Seattle. Jason and his wife have blessed us with 2 beautiful granddaughters, which makes we wish we lived closer so that I could really spoil them.

We are very happy to be healthy and living in the clean and bustling small city of Boise. We are avid fans of the Boise State Bronco’s and enjoy traveling when time and money allow. Greeting to all my fellow 1960 West Linn High graduates.

Hooray for the green and gold,
Kay Gewecke-Hamilton

Elledge-Bruffey, Cathy

Cathy Elledge Bruffey

I graduated from Oregon State University
and married a Naval Supply Officer.
We had two children Crystal and Peter.
We were stationed in California, Georgia,
South Carolina, Rhode Island, Massachusetts,
Virginia, and the Philippines. I enjoyed being
a stay at home mom. We parted ways and
now my husband is from North Carolina and
is a computer analyst. I am an accountant and am partly retired.
We have been in Columbia, South Carolina for the last 12 years.
We are both active in Duplicate Bridge and enjoy traveling.
I have really loved reading about all the people. Wish
I could have made it to the reunion. Have a great time.

Click on Picture for it to show better(Sorry Scott)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tom Tucker

Well we graduated from high school which was a struggle for me. Tried my hand at college and found out I didn't have clue how to study. Bounced around some odd jobs and wound up at Publishers paper Co. in 1964.

Got married also in 1964 and was a father in 1964. (64 was rather significant) Son, Christopher did well, and along in 1968 came daughter Katie.

Divorced in 1973, still working at "the mill" but now in maintenance. Remarried in 1982 and lived in Canby for a long time, still here in 2010.

My son has three beautiful daughters, the eldest will go to Eastern New Mexico University on a soccer and scholastic scholarships. She is motivated and a good soccer player.

The twins also play soccer and are juniors at Redmond High School.

Katie died in 1986 from liver cancer and I brought a lot if stuff down on myself which resulted in divorce in 1993.

Found a wonderful gal working at my doctors office and I married Peg W in 1998.

I bought a place on Crooked River Ranch in 1991 and still have it. I call it my 'wanna be place" and spend 40 to 50 percent of my time there.

Peggy's daughter was killed in 2007 from a cell phone user and share two grandsons with the fathers parents and we currently live in Canby close to the fairgrounds

In 2005 1 finally retired and do a lot of fishing, hiking and helping the family.

This is sparse but concise and hope it fills some gaps for all of you.

Tom Tucker

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Robert (Bob) L Keeney

With help from pretty and intelligent girls and sympatric teachers Bob managed to graduate from High School. Following High School played in the 1960 Shiner Football game, Wrestled in the 1960 Olympic trials “With no success”.

Went to University of Oregon on a Football and Wrestling Grant in aid. Then again with the help from pretty and intelligent girls graduated from U of O, with a BBA in Personnel and Business Management.

Went in to military with a hitch in the Coast Guard Reserve and one in the Naval Reserve. While in the Coast Guard a crew of 60 recruits (which I was apart of) replaced 180 cadets from the Coast Guard Academy as a crew for the “USCG Eagle”. The Eagle is a three mast clipper sailing ship, 150 feet tall and 180 feet long. The crew sailed the Eagle from San Francisco, Ca. to New London, Ct. This trip was a rare experience. After that I played some football with the Coast Guard.

After active military duty Bob returned to the U of O, and married his lovely college sweetheart, Judith D Guthridge on July 2, 1966.

Still married, she is still beautiful and intelligent, and they have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

Bob's Family

Bob’s goal for life has been “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”. (Joshua 24:15) So far they have all loved the Lord and are trying to serve him. It is clear “no one” is perfect and all have sinned but they also have faith that their sins are forgiven. Knowing our sins are forgiven is our crutch and our strength.

Judy (Bob’s wife), is a retired teacher and principle from public schools. She could not stay retired and for the last 10 years she has been a professor at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.

Karen (Bob’s daughter) is and executive for a private employment agency. Her husband Mike is a woods craftsman.

Kevin (Bob’s son) was also a wrestler for the University of Oregon. Kevin and his wife Jen are both school teachers and parent of a girl age 6 and boy age 3.

Kevin also has All Phase Wrestling Club in West Linn for youth of all ages. He is also co-owner of FCF cage style fighting “Rumble at the Roseland”.

Kevin still thinks he should have been a rodeo cowboy!

Bob career was around wood products. He was personnel and safety directory in a large plywood plant. Next he ran a longshoremen’s crew exporting wood chips to Japan. Next he went to work in an integrated timber company, buying and selling wood products.

Bob retired in 2000 and bought 5 acres to play on that has turned into a lot of work. That leaves Bob a poor dirt farmer still looking for fun and wealth.

And yes the mustache is real and reaches from ear to ear. Bob has done all the normal parenting activities. He has coached, referees and sponsored sports for the kids. Still enjoys fishing and hunting with family and friends.
Homer, Alaska

Halabit from Kenia, Alaska


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

David D Anderson

After graduation from West Linn High School, I attended Oregon State University. There I concentrated my studies in General Science, Majoring in Mathematics. During the course of study I took a couple of classes in computer programming, which later became my career filed. While at OSU< I met the love of my life, Judy Schierman, who later became my wife. We had three children, a boy and two girls. They in turn had four children.

My career consisted of working for U.S. Bank for thirty years in various capacities associated with computer. In 1994 they offered all of us old timers an early retirement, so I took it. I then went to work for Western Bank as a branch/operational/financial/computer auditor. When they were bought out by Washington Mutual, I said enough to big banks and retired again.

My next endeavor was to work for Emery Worldwide, a heavy freight forwarder as a software quality assurance technician. That lasted until I was 62 and I said enough of working and retired for the third time (three strikes and your out).

I am now enjoying retirement by watching our grandkids grow into young adults, hiking, taking trips with my wife and just enjoying life. The oldest grandchild just graduated from high school and will be attending Southern Oregon University. The nest oldest is a junior in high school and loves soccer. The third will be a freshman in high school and is 2nd degree black belt in martial arts. The last one is a second grader and loves to swim.

We never strayed far from home living in Portland for a few years and then moving to Jennings Lodge area for the last 40 years plus. Looking forward to seeing old class mates after so long.

David D Anderson

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Marilyn Hattan-Norman

Got out of the proverbial dysfunctional family life, got married, and back into a dysfunctional married life. Got smart and got out of that one after 2- ½ years. First daughter, Michelle (born in 1963), and I were on our own until I married Dave Norman in Aug. 1966; we had Stephanie in 1967 (for those of you who count, it was almost a full year later!) and Jennifer in 1970. We have five granddaughters, Melissa 18, Emily 15, Gwendolyn 13, Charley 6, and Jessie 4. I have been blessed many times over and often wonder how in the world I ever got such a special and loving family! Dave and I still own our commercial glass shop (Dave Norman Glass, Inc.) since 1978, plus I’ve worked on and off in other areas for many years, ending up with a medical transcription service which I gave up about seven years ago. We live in Lake Oswego on 8 acres, where life is great, and to make it even greater, both Carolyn and I are looking forward to this reunion. We visited with Linda (nee Hunt) in Bend a couple of days earlier, and look forward to seeing everyone at the dinner, especially (and hopefully) our classmates from Willamette Grade School. See you all soon. Would love to have a set of year books from West Linn covering my time there. If anyone knows of someone who would like to give or sell some, please let me know. Thanks.
Marilyn (Hattan) Norman

Patti Wenc- Fisher-Hughes

July 22, 2010

Hello fellow classmates of 1960!

Sorry I can not be there to see and re-connect with all of you this year, the 50th
reunion of our 1960 graduation. Has it really been that long? Seems like just yesterday.

Scott asked that those not attending write a bio of their life since graduation.
I will say that I have gone from Pat Wenc, to Patti Fisher upon marring Gary Fisher from Lake Oswego in 1961. I spent one year in Karlsruhe, Germany as a military (Army) wife and divorced in 1968. I am now Patti Fisher-Hughes, having met David Hughes in 1979 and married him in 1993. We currently reside in Monterey, California.

I have worn several hats since graduation: Mommy, dental assistant, executive secretary, step-mommy and installer of Atlas Tracks… NO….I wasn’t on the job when West Linn’s track caught on fire, but my husband was! I will say that the mommy and step-mommy hats have given me most pleasure and pride.

My son Doug Fisher attended West Linn and excelled in field & track and gymnastics.
He joined the Army Rangers after graduation in ’82. Retiring after 20 years, he continued as a Tactical Trainer and Advisor for U.S. Forces and Foreign troops in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. I am thankful that he completed his tours of duty safely and is now a Project Leader for the Power Surety Task Force under the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He is now living in Oregon City with his lovely wife Jan and a fuzzy four legged Corgi named Hanna.

I have two beautiful grand-daughters ages 17 and 18 who live with their mother in Tennessee. Don’t see or hear from them as often as I would like, but then remember what we were doing at ages 17 and 18 !
Our son Brendan Hughes is a free lance computer programmer and lives in the Multnomah area of Portland.
Our daughter Shannon lives in Seattle in the Greenlake area with her husband Peter Krause. Shannon is an executive at Weyerhaeuser and Peter is a free lance writer.

In 1995 David and I took a temporary leave from our home in the Multnomah area of Portland and our positions at Atlas Track & Tennis. We moved to his home town of Monterey, California to take care of his mother stricken with Alzheimer’s. We’ve been here ever since.

I miss the weather, the snow and watching the seasonal changes of Portland but find it very pleasant having a built-in-air-conditioner…..the coastal fog….when temperatures soar around us. Although semi-retired, we are employed as caretakers and property managers.

We now own David’s old family five bedroom home which we rent on VRBO for vacations and special occasions. All of this keeps me pretty occupied, trying to keep everyone else busy, trying to work smarter not harder….that wasn’t something we learned in school.

I love to cook, trying new recipes, gardening in spare time. I remain active, but have hung up my skis to pick up a shovel or golf club now and then, taking life one day at a time.

So in closing, I wish you all a wonderful time getting together. I look forward to watching the class reunion DVD showing all of you in action once again. Wish you love, the best of luck and blessings to you and yours.

Patti Fisher-Hughes

Here are pictures of Patti Wence, Judy Smith and Patty Stutzman together in 2007

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sharon Alexander-Ottsman

I quit school and married early to leave an unhappy home which did not make me the brightest kid on the block. I married and had three wonderful children: Steve, Gary and Susan. After thirteen years I divorced and went to work and attended some college. I had a couple of interesting jobs but nothing that made my life light up.
I moved to San Francisco and after twenty years of being single I met and married my husband. We blended our families and now we have seven children, eleven grandchildren and one great granddaughter.
We worked together and decided to start a business until Ed decided to retire (with a little help from me) and we moved above to a historical gold town above Sacramento. After a couple of years I got bored and started a soap product business.
One day Ed came home and said "lets move to Mexico" and we did. We live in a large expat community called Chapala and it is close to Guadalajara. We have been here for seven years and love it.
My husband and I have traveled to several countries in Europe as well as Hawaii and the Caribbean Islands. The highlight of our travels was spending a month crossing the United States and seeing our great country.
I won't be at the reunion but send my best wishes to everyone.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mary Forsberg-Latulippe

I worked in banking for ten year in Oregon City, Hawaii and Palm Springs, Ca.

Married Marcel “Mike” in 1965, we have lived in the same house for 44 years

We have two daughter and four granddaughters.

I volunteered in a library for 14 years running the used book sale.

Mike and I enjoy traveling in our RV and seeing the great sights of the US. We have also done some foreign travel.

We are reverse snow-birds, spending summers in Oregon and living the rest of the year in Palm Springs, California.

We are happy to be attending this milestone event.

Mary Forsberg-Latulippe

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Joanne Fero-Mays

I registered at OSC after high school but after my husband proposed I decided to exchange homework for house work. Dick and I were married at the OC Baptist Church on Dec. 10th 1960. Dick worked at Publishers paper mill until he retired in 2000. We had our first child Tami Oct. 1961, our second, Teri Nov. 1965 and our third, Rick Mar. 1967. I worked at DWS for 25+ years as an assembler, tester, inspector and lead. We have seven wonderful grandchildren and our great grandson is due about Aug. 25th.

We have enjoyed hunting, camping, traveling on motorcycles and sailing our boat. Dick likes fly-fishing and I like reading a book and watching him. I also enjoy doing crafts and walking. We retired in 2000 sold everything and became full time RV’ers and love it. We normally spend our winters in Yuma then travel in the summer. We have spent the last two winters in Oregon as our oldest daughter is ill. This is the second summer we have spent working as host/attendants on the Metolius at Camp Sherman. I spend every other weekend (Wed. & Thur.) in Oregon City staying with our daughter.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again at the reunion.

Joanne Mays

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lynda Horn-Ganos

Hi to all! After graduation I attended two years of college then met my future husband, Dick Ganos the night of the Columbus Day Storm in 1963. Dick and I married in 1965 and have three children. Rich Jr. Born in 1966 Nick, 1968 and Debbie in 1973. After Debbie was born we made the decision that I would stay home with the children until they were a little older. It was great watching them develop. When Debbie was twelve I went back to work. In 1993 we quite our jobs, sold our home and with the children and moved to Boise, Id., to help our daughter and son-in-law start up their window covering business. We lived on savings for two years and Dick decided we needed to go back to work and pay into our savings again. He headed back to Oregon and got a job at Bonneville Dam. We moved to Carson, WA., to be closer to his job. Two things happened in 2002, our oldest son was diagnosed with cancer and our daughter Debbie was diagnosed with a miracle, our one and only granddaughter. It was the best of times and the worst of times. Rich lost his battle to cancer in 2006. Our granddaughter is now 8 years old and the joy of all our lives. Last year we bought our retirement home in Bend, Or. We co-bought it with Debbie and her family which includes our little eight year old granddaughter. Dick is set to retire in September of this year and will be very happy to live here with us instead of coming over every weekend (weather permitting).

I won’t be able to attend the reunion but I have loved the updates on the blog. Have a great time every one and God Bless.

As an important point of information, Charlene Case who attended the first 10 years of school in Willamette and at West Linn High School with our class has passed away.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Curt Funk

After high school graduation, I worked that summer at Crown Zellerbach Paper Mill and then went off to Oregon State. Kind of scary for an 18 year old kid with average grades. I majored in fish and wildlife management. I must have really grown into the college life okay as I was there for six years. I worked during some time off and the summers for the Forest Service in Oregon and Washington. Graduated from OSU in the spring of 66 with a BS degree in wildlife management and enough credit for another degree. Those years were a great time as well as meeting many of my life-long friends there.

The best and most significant thing that happened during that time was being set up for a blind date on my 23rd birthday. That is the day I met Susie, and education student in her 3rd year. We married 6 months later and graduated together in 66. After graduation, we moved back to West Linn and Susie started teaching at West Linn, where she lived with my folks on River Street as I had a military obligation to fulfill. So off I went and got that out of the way.

The next step was realizing that I had learned a lot of stuff at OSU but I didn’t know how to do anything. I decided to learn how to build homes and built over 100 homes in the West Linn-Lake Oswego area. Susie’s continued to teach in West Linn, finishing her master’s degree along the way. She loved teaching there.

After building homes for some time, I made another change in my working career. I went to work for the City of West Linn and working mostly in the water department where I enforced the Safe Water Drinking Act mandated by the federal government. I had a great time and met lots of great folks in West Linn that I never knew before. Between us, Susie and I knew and met many, many of the citizens of West Linn over the years. During all those years, we maintained our residence in West Linn.

Sometime before we retired, we decided not to remain in the West Linn area or even in Oregon. We spent several years visiting different areas of the Northwest to decide where we wanted to retire. Noticing that there was one state in the U.S. that had only 490 thousand people in it, was the 9th largest state, had the Rocky Mountains, lots of lakes and rivers, more antelope than people, great elk, deer and moose hunting, 40-50 lb. lake trout, 4-6 lb. kokanee and on-and-on. So we decided that Wyoming would be our number one choice and then visited almost every town in the state to find the one we would like the best – ending up in Green River, Wyoming. After moving here in late 96, we have both had a number of job offers but we are here for other reasons than work. A 90 some mile lake known as Flaming Gorge Reservoir is ½ hour from our home.

If you think back, all will probably remember that I was always into hunting and fishing and the outdoors. So having that size of lake nearby is great. Our largest lake trout so far is 34 pounds and I had the state kokanee record for about 15 minutes a few years ago. They say that Wyoming is what America was and they may be right.

We love Wyoming and have been here now for 14 years. We did not have children but have found out hunting dogs were easier and ultimately less expensive to raise! After watching our friend raising their children, we seriously believe you with children should have a kind of citizen’s form of the military Medal of Honor. We had one of our god children live with us this part school year while he went to Western Wyoming College and had a small taste of what it is like to have teenagers and se what parents have to go through.

We won’t be able to make it to the reunion this year – maybe at the 50th! Picking a date for a big event like this is not an easy thing to accomplish and to get everything together is a monumental task. But the date pushes us too close to our hunting season. We have Wyoming antelope, deer, and elk tags and Susie has a bull Shiras moose tag as well as a trip to Texas for white tail deer.

It has been bun reading all the bios on the blog. We were kids in a great time. Below you will find our address and phone number and email. If you come through this way, we would love to have you stop for a visit. Take care out there. Have a great reunion.

Curt and Susie Funk
425 Upland Way
Green River, Wyoming 82935

(More pictures will be on the class slide show)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Carol McCarty - Greenough

After graduation, I went to the University of Oregon in the Fall of 1960 where I spent four years studying and enjoying the good life of an undergrad in Sociology. During that time, I met my future husband Bill Greenough and followed him to the University of California at Los Angeles in the fall of 1964 where I had received a fellowship in the School of Social Welfare and he pursued at PhD in the Department of Psychology. We married in the fall of 1965 in Lake Oswego and continued our studies at UCLA. After getting my MSW degree, I worked for two years for the Los Angeles County Department of Adoptions - logged lots of miles in heavy LA traffic with crying infants and toddlers.

In 1968, Bill landed a faculty appointment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In February 1970, we became the proud parents of a daughter, Jennifer. I had interesting social services jobs, first with a local school district, and later with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. By 1979, our marriage was no longer viable and my tolerance for the Midwest weather and environment was exhausted. I moved to Seattle with my daughter and completed a Master's Degree in Public Administration (MPA) at the University of Washington.

I put down deep roots in NE Seattle where I have lived in the same modest older home since the summer of 1980. I rose through the ranks at King County government from a Social Services Planner to Division Director, having the pleasure to serve directly under former King County Executive Gary Locke (Now US Secretary of Commerce) and also worked for Ron Sims (now Assistant Secretary of US Housing and Urban Development (HUD)). These were exciting, hard-working,but often stressful years.

By 2004, I decided that I was very fortunate to have survived Stage III melanoma for six years and to have sufficient resources to be able to retire. By retiring early, I have been able to be a major influence in the lives of my grandchildren (Alec born in 2002 and Mateo in 2003), to assist my daughter Jennifer who has a busy professional career. and to help my wonderful son-in-law Jorge by being there for the boys. Since retiring, I have taken some interesting trips (Guatemala, Mexico and Alaska) and spent more time at my slope side condo at Whistler, BC where I have served for the past three years as the president of the Strata Corporation (condo owners' association). I've made many Canadian friends and share my love of skiing with my grandsons - Whistler is our second home.

I'm looking forward to the WLHS Class of 1960 reunion in August. See you there!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nancy Fortuna and Steve McAvoy

After graduation 1960, Steve had back surgery which took a year to recover. Therefore we had to wait to get married until April 8th, 1961 at Lake Grove Presbyterian Church in Lake Grove. After we married we lived in Lake Oswego and then we moved into government housing in Oregon City. We lived there until 1972 when we were able to buy some property on the Tualatin River. Our first child Marc Steve was born 1962, then came Callie Lyn 1963 and Last Daniel Wick 1967.

Steve worked as a Longshoreman on the Portland waterfront. Nancy did odd jobs like ironing and baby sitting. In building a home on the river we lived in the basement and worked on the upstairs. We lived there until……

During this period of our married lives we had the usual and unusual stresses and strains. In the midst of all this Nancy heard the gospel from a teaching leader in Bible Study Fellowship, in 1968. She came to faith and accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior going forward at a Billy Graham Crusade held in Portland at that time.

(Article from Decision Magazine)

Where are they now?

The Story of Nancy L. McAvoy

About twenty years ago in West Linn, Oregon, I married directly of high school to get away from a bad home situation. Then within the next tow years two children came along. I felt trapped, hopelessly depressed and discouraged. There I was—21 years old, married, with two babies, and nothing to live for. I had thought it would be adventure and excitement; instead I saw our marriage being torn apart by selfishness and immaturity. Then my mother died in a car accident, and the question of life and death really hit me. I had always believed in God, but he seemed so very far away. With the death of my mother I began searching and the love of God began drawing.

I started my search in a nearby church. A dear woman saw my spiritual hunger and took me to a Bible study. By this time I had three children under the age of five years. Then this woman whose name was Joy, told me about the coming Billy Graham Crusade at Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon, and that one of the Crusade staff was arriving in town before the actual Crusade was held.

One morning Joy picked me up and took me to hear one of the most powerful women speakers I have ever heard, Millie Dienert. I was impressed and deeply touched.

When the Crusade began in May, 1968, I was eager to attend. I left my children at home with my husband’s mother, and on one of the wettest, most miserable days in Oregon history, I picked up my great-grandmother and we went off to hear Billy Graham.

I was overwhelmed and awestruck by the crowd of people. Before I knew it, the choir had started singing “Just As I Am.” I struggled to get my shoes back on (I had slipped them off for comfort) and walked down the steps toward the platform. I saw many others joining me. I was warm, I felt I belonged, and I believed what Billy Graham said. I saw myself for what I really was, a sinner. It wasn’t my husband’s fault because of his drinking, it wasn’t my parent’s fault, and it wasn’t the community’s fault that I was a sinner. I knew I must publicly accept Jesus and what he had done for me on the cross.

My conversion was just one of the many in a long line. A year later my son, Marc, age eight, and my daughter, Callie, age seven, came to know Christ as their personal Savior while I was have nightly devotions with them. Then a miracle happened, which will always hold its glow—my husband, an alcoholic, accepted Christ in a home Bible Study.

Shortly after that my husband’s family gave their lives to Christ, and later my own brother and his wife and children joined them. Then my husband’s brother, who was in prison, also came to faith, and our youngest son, Danny, age 5, came to know the Lord as I shared the “Wordless Book” with him. What a chain reaction it was!

My husband, Steve, attended Multnomah School of the Bible for three years and then was accepted at Dallas Theological Seminary. We are in our last year of working toward a doctorate, as Steve feels called to teach. Our desire especially leans toward teaching in a Bible college or seminary. We have also been pasturing a small church in Arlington, Texas.

Our two oldest children have started their first year at Multnomah School of the Bible, and our youngest son continues to grow spiritually. As for me, God placed me in a Christian bookshop in Dallas, Texas, so that I could help my husband get through seminary. In this position I have been able to encourage many other wives to continue in their faith.

I stand amazed at God’s goodness, his patience and his unconditional love. One pebble dropped into a pool became a widening circle of love taking in more and more people.
(1981 Nancy L. McAvoy)

Steve went on to finish his doctorate from Dallas Theology Seminary.

We moved back to Oregon and located a place to rent in NE Portland while the children finished up at Multnomah Bible College and Warner Pacific.

Our oldest son Marc was sent to France to play pro ball with a small church mission. He was there 3 years. He came home and married Susie Milliken and has 3 children. Marc is now the head of the French Department in Kaiser, Oregon. He also coaches ball.

Dan married Patti Oster and became a fire man in Coos Bay, Oregon and the have 3 children.

Callie married and had two girls.

While children finished college and got married Steve continued to work on the Portland waterfront as a longshoreman…..driving crane.

We moved to from NE Portland and began building a home in SW Portland and have lived there for the last 20 years.

After we became involved in a local church we began, The Institute for Biblical Studies, using this church as a home base to teach people in the evening. This Institute continued for 7 years and sent out a pair of missionaries. Also during this time Steve began his writing career.

Steve continues to write and Nancy is involved in Bible Study Fellowship.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Karen Campbell - Parra

I married Denny in June of 1962. We had 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. We have 6 granddaughters and one grand son. We have always lived in the Oregon City, Gladstone, Milwaukie area. I had various jobs since graduating, but the longest was with a health insurance company for 19 years. I retired from the insurance company in June of 2007.

Denny passed away in December of 2007 and later that year I sold my house and bought one with my daughter. I now live with my daughter and her 17 year old son, plus we have taken in a 16 year old girl who cannot live with her mother.

My life is not what I had planned for retirement age, but what the Lord had planned for me. If I had not helped my daughter get into a house, we would not be able to help this young girl. Two more years of one of them being in high school and hopefully the house and my life will quite down a bit. It is really a big change in my life because since I am the one that does not work and am home, I find myself handling the teenagers the most. I thought once mine were raised that I would be through, but got a gentle surprise.

Life is good and hopefully will continue to be for many years.

Thanks to the Reunion Committee for all their hard work. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion.

Karen (Campbell) Parra

Monday, June 7, 2010

Linda Daugherty-Boyd

After graduation, I attended University of Oregon, and graduated from Portland State. I taught first grade in two different schools in Oregon City. I lived in Portland for several years, and now am living in Lake Oswego. I have four children, and five grandchildren, ranging in age from 2 to 17. I get to baby sit the three younger ones two days a week. I am involved with my church, but with summers off, I get to work in my garden, and also try get to the beach as often as I can. I have been fortunate to be able to travel, and am always looking forward to the next adventure.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ralph Groener

I look forward to the class of 60 get together. I wish that I could have been of assistance to the committee, but I work in Salem, & am constantly on the road, visiting my locals from Medford to Pendleton, including evenings & weekends. I hope to retire in about three years.
I currently serve as the political coordinator for Oregon AFSCME (American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees). My union represents most city, county, & special district employees in Oregon. We also represent most correction officers in the state. OHSU is my largest local, with over five thousand members, & Multnomah County is my second largest local. I am currently extremely busy because I staff the interviews of all legislative candidates by my members throughout Oregon.
After high school I went into the Air Force, stationed for four years in Denver, Colorado. I then used the wonderful GI Bill to graduate from the University of Oregon,& completed my graduate work at Portland State. I worked for several years as a community organizer for the Office of the war on poverty. I then ran for the Oregon Legislature , winning, & served for four years. I then ran for County Commissioner for Clackamas County & won. I served as commissioner for eight years. I then went into business for myself for six years.. I was also on the original Clackamas Community College board of directors for fourteen years. I was offered the job of political coordinator for Oregon Afscme over twenty years ago,& I am still here. I am one of those fortunate individuals who loves their work, & see no reason to retire. My wife, Sharon & I have been married for forty-five years. We reside in our home in Oregon City, Have a son & a daughter & one beautiful granddaughter. I still love sports & have always helped raise funds for various programs. I usually am an auctioneer for these groups. Thank you, & the committee for all your efforts! Looking forward to seeing you & our classmates this summer. Your friend & classmate, Ralph

Dennis Lathan

In 1964 I got married to Carol from Lake Oswego. We have lived their to this day. The same year I went to work in the telephone industry for Western Electric and retired 32 years later. Carol and I have two great daughters, the both live right by and they each have two children.

After retirement we built a log cabin by Sunriver, Oregon and spend a lot of time there. I keep very busy these days with grandkids, activities and my own interest in sking, motorcycles, fishing and camping.

This last February I spent the whole month as a volunteer at the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia. I worked every day on the men's Alpine Park course. West Linn was well represented as there were 5 West Linn Alumni working the games at Whistler, Myself, Jack Bean (class of 58), his sister Janice and her husband Don Eisele, and our own classmate Steve Immer.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Patsy Brookshire-Port

Hi, all of you fellow 50's W.L. friends! Since graduation I've lived in many places, married twice, have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Pretty ordinary! Oh, not the children or grands, they are extraordinary. Worked at M&F in Portland for 4 years, married in 1961 to Bob. We have 2 children, Greg & Jennifer. We both went to school, he more profitably than I, he graduating with Phd in 1970. We packed our kids into a old car and drove to London, Ontario, Canada. 2 years there. Then drove to Los Angeles where he worked for 2 years (big city insanity). Then to Scottsdale, Az. Baked for 6 years there, often quite nice but I missed dew on spiderwebs. Wrote a novel, Threads. We divorced, I spent some crazy time then moved in late 1980 to Newport, Oregon and have been here ever since. Different jobs, then became State Certified A&D counselor for 17 or so years. Single approx. 20 years. May 1, 1999 married John Port. He's a writer and ex-lawyer. We moved to South Beach 3 years ago (just across the Yaquina Bridge), on a wetland. I garden. Worked 7 years for Curves For Women (exercise joint), just closed so jobless, so I garden more. Write all the time. Published Threads 4 years ago, selling that & writing sequel, among other books, etc. Traveled to England 5 times, a little nuts ... have travelogues. Grandkids all grown, last one to graduate high school from Newport, this June! No greats, ok by me! John good now but a stroke just one year ago has us grateful for every day! Looking forward to seeing you all!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Linda Kilmer Towe

After high school, I graduated from Trinity Lutheran College in Seattle. There I met my husband, and we moved to the Los Angeles area while he finished school, living in Hollywood, Redondo Beach, and Glendale. Then we moved back to the Seattle area, and have lived in Lakewood, WA for 35 years. We’ve been married for 47 years, have 3 children, and 3 grandchildren.
Early in my career I worked at public libraries in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and Tacoma. In 2002 I retired from Washington Education Association, the state teacher’s union.
I’m looking forward to seeing you at the 50th reunion this summer, and if you can’t be there, we will be thinking about you!
Linda Kilmer Towe

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Judy Dethlefs McQuowen

Soon after graduation, I married the love of my life, (yes, the bus driver) and 13 months later we started our family. We had 3 of the most gorgeous daughters on the face of this planet. Of course I am speaking from a mom's point of view.

I went to school for training in the travel business. We love travel and have gone on some exciting adventures. I decided my top priority was raising our daughters, but as soon as they were safely in high school I was asked by a friend to work as a secretary in a local real estate office. U actually worked for 3 offices and really enjoyed being the only person in charge. Writing ads for newspapers, keeping the documents and the files ready was hard work but something I discovered I was good at.

When my husband retired, we sold our house and moved to Whidbey Island. We just love it up there and w bought a cute house over looking the bay right at Deception Pass Bridge. During the short 2 years we were there, my husband had gone through two surgeries then was found to have cancer, which meant a third surgery with lots of complications. Not knowing his outcome, we decided to put our home on the market and move back to Oregon to be closer to family "just in case". We were lucky, he is now cancer free and doing well, but he has had 2 further surgeries since moving back here.

We are planning on moving even closer to family, perhaps this next summer. In the mean time, we are preparing a nice vacation to celebrate our milestone 50 years of marriage, which not only gave us the 3 daughters, but 8 grand children and 3 great grand children (so far).

My Passion in life, after family of course, is "playing" in the kitchen. I have been known to spend 12 hours at a stretch in there, and use any excuse I can think of, and have even "invented" and "Aunt & Uncle Appreciation Day" jus so I could have a dinner for them all. I am obsessed with cooking and baking, you only have to see my husband to realize that is true.

My wish for all of you is much love, luck, success and happiness in the future. I am sorry I wasn't able to join you for this celebration.

Judy Dethlefs McQuowen.