Class of 1960

Class of 1960

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tom Tucker

Well we graduated from high school which was a struggle for me. Tried my hand at college and found out I didn't have clue how to study. Bounced around some odd jobs and wound up at Publishers paper Co. in 1964.

Got married also in 1964 and was a father in 1964. (64 was rather significant) Son, Christopher did well, and along in 1968 came daughter Katie.

Divorced in 1973, still working at "the mill" but now in maintenance. Remarried in 1982 and lived in Canby for a long time, still here in 2010.

My son has three beautiful daughters, the eldest will go to Eastern New Mexico University on a soccer and scholastic scholarships. She is motivated and a good soccer player.

The twins also play soccer and are juniors at Redmond High School.

Katie died in 1986 from liver cancer and I brought a lot if stuff down on myself which resulted in divorce in 1993.

Found a wonderful gal working at my doctors office and I married Peg W in 1998.

I bought a place on Crooked River Ranch in 1991 and still have it. I call it my 'wanna be place" and spend 40 to 50 percent of my time there.

Peggy's daughter was killed in 2007 from a cell phone user and share two grandsons with the fathers parents and we currently live in Canby close to the fairgrounds

In 2005 1 finally retired and do a lot of fishing, hiking and helping the family.

This is sparse but concise and hope it fills some gaps for all of you.

Tom Tucker

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