Class of 1960

Class of 1960

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Judy Dethlefs McQuowen

Soon after graduation, I married the love of my life, (yes, the bus driver) and 13 months later we started our family. We had 3 of the most gorgeous daughters on the face of this planet. Of course I am speaking from a mom's point of view.

I went to school for training in the travel business. We love travel and have gone on some exciting adventures. I decided my top priority was raising our daughters, but as soon as they were safely in high school I was asked by a friend to work as a secretary in a local real estate office. U actually worked for 3 offices and really enjoyed being the only person in charge. Writing ads for newspapers, keeping the documents and the files ready was hard work but something I discovered I was good at.

When my husband retired, we sold our house and moved to Whidbey Island. We just love it up there and w bought a cute house over looking the bay right at Deception Pass Bridge. During the short 2 years we were there, my husband had gone through two surgeries then was found to have cancer, which meant a third surgery with lots of complications. Not knowing his outcome, we decided to put our home on the market and move back to Oregon to be closer to family "just in case". We were lucky, he is now cancer free and doing well, but he has had 2 further surgeries since moving back here.

We are planning on moving even closer to family, perhaps this next summer. In the mean time, we are preparing a nice vacation to celebrate our milestone 50 years of marriage, which not only gave us the 3 daughters, but 8 grand children and 3 great grand children (so far).

My Passion in life, after family of course, is "playing" in the kitchen. I have been known to spend 12 hours at a stretch in there, and use any excuse I can think of, and have even "invented" and "Aunt & Uncle Appreciation Day" jus so I could have a dinner for them all. I am obsessed with cooking and baking, you only have to see my husband to realize that is true.

My wish for all of you is much love, luck, success and happiness in the future. I am sorry I wasn't able to join you for this celebration.

Judy Dethlefs McQuowen.

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