Class of 1960

Class of 1960

Friday, May 28, 2010

Neila Fitzjohn Elbon

Since graduating from WLHS I married, had a son, divorced 4 years after marriage. Then met my present husband in May 1966, married in October 1966. Have 2 children by him. Worked at Citizen Bank of Oregon in Lake Oswego till I became pregnant with first child. My son, Kevin, was born in 1962 & lived for 24 years. He was born mentally retarded and at 19 yrs got epilepsy. He seized in bathtub and drowned.
Lowell & I had a son in 1968 and a daughter in 1970. Our son lives in Lafayette, OR and has a daughter (soon to be 17), and son (18) who will graduate from high school in June this year. Our daughter has a son, (10) and a daughter (8) and they live in Portland/Gresham area.
After leaving Citizen's Bank, I was housewife foe 3 years till divorce, then I worked for a bank in Portland untill getting pregnant with son #2. Quit working out of home and became full-time mom. In 1980 I became a secretary at Multnomah Education Service District. I worked there for 22 years at which time i was getting pretty crippled up, and felt I needed to retire.
In 1976 I had my first (March) & second (September) hip replacements. Since the doctor I had messed me up by removing too much bone, I've ended up having a total of 7 hip replacements and 2 reconstructions, bilaterally. My last hip replacement was in 2000. In 2008 I had my left knee replaced because of torn meniscus which ultimatly left me after several years with bone on bone--PAIN.
In May 2010, I had to have my right shoulder replaced and am recovering nicely from that. Eventually I will need my left shoulder replaced also, but am hoping that will wait for at least a year.
After my husband & I retired, we lived in our motor home for about a year and after coming to Tucson, AZ we fell in love with the warm weather & sunshine so bought a home in a mobil home park and will stay here forever. At least at this point. The dry air is much better for my old body than the dampness & temps of Oregon. Neila's phone number is (503-341-1255) please feel free to call.
Neila (Fitzjohn) Elbon

Neila Elbon

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