Class of 1960

Class of 1960

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Donna Starr Rogers

After graduation from high school I joined 3 different church groups before moving to CA and finding my home and all of my questions answered about the scriptures with the LDS church. I have since been very involved in serving and am currently teaching at the Women's Correctional Center (prison) here in Pocatello.

My high school dream was to travel the world. In CA I met my now best friend who was from Germany. I later traveled to Europe and stayed 6 months in Germany with her family and also enjoyed 10 different countries. Went by myself!! Before that trip I worked in SF, Calif. doing office work and later moved to ID to run a cafe for my Dad where he managed a bar and played dinner music. Then I moved to Jackson, WY and worked there a year. That is where I earned the money to go to Europe. After my trip to Europe, I returned to CA and met my husband of 43 years. We moved back to ID where he worked until retirement as a locomotive engineer.

I enjoy gardening, painting and play my Clavinova (piano - organ) a little. I have served as PTA President and District PTA Pres. here, organized many community events and served on several boards for community service here. I just got through raising over $10,000 for an auction for our local zoo's grizzly bear exhibit.

We have enjoyed a lot of traveling across the country and camping as well as some foreign trips like across Europe, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Fiji, Aruba and Hawaii.

I sold many different products out of my home so I could stay home with my 4 children while they were growing up. I did teach swim lessons part time for many, many years. And then along with teaching I worked with a physical therapist in a small therapy pool doing physical rehab for children and adults. I ended up making a video (now on DVD) on how to teach a child to swim. It is titled "SIMPLE STEPS TO SWIMMING".

We have 2 sons who have served in the Air Force and the 3rd son is here locally. We adopted our daughter who now lives in the DC area. We only have 5 grandchildren, but do enjoy those a lot when we can have them with us.

My brother, Chuck died at the age of 61 from cancer. What a great loss to us. I do a lot of family research, just as I enjoyed keeping records of many events in high school. I am in the process of putting a book (maybe volumes) of my life and my family, along with extended family of stories and photos.

It is fun to read of stories of our ancestors and hope to do the same for our descendants.

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